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Crimping Tool: 0.1-1.0 mm Capacity, 16-28 AWG
Assembly & Guides Tutorials

Pololu Crimper

Tutorial   Description This video is a short tutorial on how to use the Pololu Crimper we sell  

pan and tilt bracket assembly tutorial proto-pic
Assembly & Guides Tutorials

Pan & Tilt Bracket Assembly

Tutorial Description This video features an instructional on the assembly of our Pan & Tilt Bracket.  

micro:pixel Edge 1x10 WS2812B Board for micro:bit
Microbit Tutorials

Micro:Pixel Edge for BBC Micro:bit

Tutorial Description   This short video shows you the micro :pixel EDGE a micro :bit accessory which makes your micro :bit into a full colour torch. It also shows you how simple it is to program using PXT.

1up:bit controller kit for BBC micro:bit
Microbit Tutorials

1up:bit GamePad Controller for BBC Micro:bit

Tutorial Description   In this short tutorial video, we show you how to solder up the 1up:bit the controller for BBC micro:bit. There is also am assembly version of this video if you aren’t up for soldering.


Tutorial Description   This video gives you an introduction to the OctoSnap the breakaway header pin snapper! There’s no need to count the pins and use pliers, just insert the header strip into the OctoSnap and snap the correct number

bat:bit slim battery case for micro:bit
Microbit Tutorials

How to Construct the Bat:bit for Micro:bit

Tutorial Description This guide shows you how to make the bat:bit for micro:bit. This is a case with an integrated battery pack which takes 2 AAA batteries but leaves the edge connector fully accessible and doesn’t require a wire to

Micro:bit Automatic Watering System
Microbit Tutorials

Micro:bit Automatic Watering System

Tutorial Description In this video, we show you a simple automatic watering system using the BBC micro:bit. Our iconic Moisture Sensor, Mosfet, Water Pump and a Rose plant. Code Without Rain Drops & Code With Raindrops.            

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