Arduino Sketches

Arduino is a versatile micro controller platform capable of powering up many types of projects. At Proto-PIC, we’re here to help you make your Arduino project a success and can write Arduino sketches for you. If you have an idea about a new electronic invention or if you are thinking about something new and deciding to use Arduino or Micro controllers for that project, we can help you by writing codes / Arduino sketches and designing the circuit diagram.

Our team of technical experts have experience in:

  • Integrating many sorts of sensors and transducers including: Accelrometers, Gyroscopes, Sonar, IR, Temp. etc (with serial/ I2C/ USART/ SPI communication)
  • Writing microcontrollers firmware, including the ARM and AVR microcontroller family.
  • Interfacing I/O devices such as keypad/ LCD/ LED display
  • Bluetooth, Ethernet, GSM, GPS modules and more
  • Setting up communication with PC (Serial communication) for  Matlab, Processing, etc.
  • Working with basic passive and active components (Relays, Servo/Stepper/DC motors, Opto-Couplers, etc.)

We can program any types of Arduino boards, including:

  • Arduino UNO
  • Arduino MEGA
  • Arduino NANO
  • Arduino PRO MINI
  • Arduino MICRO

Proto-PIC provide a range of services to help you with Arduino projects including:

  •  Writing / modifying Arduino code
  •  Creating hardware schematics with Fritzing or other software
  •  Guide you on setting up the peripherals
  •  And more…
Let’s make your project a success together.
Have fun with Arduino!  

If you have any specific requirements or any questions related to our services, please contact us.

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