Raspberry Pi


Countdown Timer

A timer is a type of a clock that is used to measure specific time intervals. There are two types of timers. Stopwatch – these timers count upwards from zero. Countdown Timer – Counts from a specific time period provided by the user. This course is going to teach you how to create a Raspberry …

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Heart Rate Monitor

Remote health monitoring is the newest technology which is being researched and developed for patient safety. The use of this technology is growing rapidly in health services. In this course we are going to create a Remote Heart Rate Monitoring System. By using a pulse sensor connected to Raspberry Pi we will send heart rate …

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Raspberry Pi Calculator

Raspberry Pi Calculator

Creating a Raspberry Pi based calculator sounds complex. When you consider a calculator, even in a basic calculator, it has a lot of features. Examining Raspberry Pi Calculator Features Let’s consider the features of a simple calculator: It should be portable. It must have a screen for displaying numbers and result. You need buttons with …

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