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Raspberry Pi Calculator

Creating a Raspberry Pi based calculator sounds complex. When you consider a calculator, even in a basic calculator, it has a lot of features.

Examining Raspberry Pi Calculator Features

Let’s consider the features of a simple calculator:

  • It should be portable.
  • It must have a screen for displaying numbers and result.
  • You need buttons with numbers and symbols.
  • It needs to perform basic mathematical operations, for example, addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • You will need to be able to clear the screen with a clear button.
  • A calculator needs to support decimal numbers.

There are two possible options to build a calculator.

  1. Developing a calculator with physical components such as screens, buttons, and wires. It involves a lot of wiring and complex algorithm.
  2. Developing a software-based calculator. This could be something like a graphical user interface. It does not involve lots of wiring. The algorithm is simple, due to the use of python. We don’t want to have physical components such as buttons and wires. Having just a small touch screen is enough for building a calculator using Raspberry Pi.

To make the Calculator you will need the following:

Hardware Requirements

All the hardware required for this project is available for purchase from our Proto-PIC online shop:

Software Requirements

  • Raspbian / NOOBS operating system
  • Python 3.x for Raspberry Pi
  • Tkinter module for python

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