Microbit Lesson Plan

This blog post is full of ideas to support schools in their STEM curriculum. Don’t miss downloading the Microbit Lesson Plan for use with the Phys:bit and micro:bit.

In the lead up to the Christmas holiday break, you can get your students into the festive season. Your students will enjoy our countdown timer project for the New Year. On completion of Proto-PIC Academy courses, students can download a certificate of achievement.
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Microbit Lesson Plan

Microbit Lesson Plan

Microbit Lesson Plan

The Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) suggested using BBC micro:bits as an aid to teaching potential dividers. And also switching circuits. SSERC have written some programs on how you can wire up “choc block” connectors. This is so you can use the devices with electronic components such as LDRs and LEDs.

Some teachers reported students found the approach too fiddly. As a result, Proto-PIC worked with educators to develop the Proto-PIC board and accessories for the BBC micro:bit. Click the image above to read the SSERC STEM bulletin.

Click to learn more about the Proto-PIC Phys:bit kit – physics classroom add-on for micro:bit & download Proto-PIC’s microbit lesson plan

Microbit Lesson Plan

Introduce your class to exciting new components to work with every month. Create a STEM project, with Proto-PIC’s electronics monthly subscription box.

Each kit box contains an electronics project. Plus, a colour printed instruction magazine for students to follow with step-by-step instructions and learning topics.

Proto-PIC Maker Club is aimed for anyone aged 12 to adult. Your students will gain hands-on experience of working in electronics and develop their coding skills. Your class will gain real-life skills that are used in professional, technical careers. Students will develop skills, build confidence, work with new components, create projects and collaborate.

Order the quantity you require for your class and these will automatically be shipped in the third week of every month.

You can choose to subscribe on a monthly, bi-annual or annual basis. Receive a delivery of kit boxes every month for the duration of your subscription.

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Microbit Lesson Plan

Proto-PIC Out and About

In September, Proto-PIC enjoyed a fantastic time at Insp-Hire, a new event for those aged 4 to 14, and their parents or guardians, to learn about the fourth industrial revolution and how this will impact their future. The event was held at Glasgow Caledonian University.

Technology is moving at such a pace and Insp-Hire aims to to educate and excite children about their future careers – and find out what skills they might need to get their dream job!

On the day, there was inspirational speakers including Gillian Docherty from Data Lab, an amazing interactive exhibition space with virtual reality, digital twinning, 3D printers, electric vehicles and more. There were workshops where parents and children could interact together to learn to solve a cyber security attack, code Lego and build their own Fitbit. Plus much more, including Proto-PIC’s stand where children received a free soldering kit and enjoyed becoming the greatest living banana pianist with the Sparkfun Makey Makey Kit

To top it all off….the event was free of charge! And was a great day out for families.  
BBC Micro:bit Schools
The Proto-PIC Gas:Bit gas sensor breakout board for the BBC Micro:bit is a best-seller and popular with schools. It is simple to use. The gas:bit adds a range of gas detection capabilities to the Micro:Bit, including hydrogen, methane, propane, smoke & more. Click the image above to learn more.

STEM Education

Proto-PIC are passionate about working with Educators to share their knowledge and interest in STEM subjects. We provide a range of services and products to support schools, colleges and universities in developing their STEM curriculum. This includes, running Maker Club workshops and training. One of our most popular classroom workshops is developing an automatic plant watering system. We run this both directly with students and with teachers, as part of, STEM teacher training.

Primary Schools

Micro:bit schools Lesson Plans
The BBC Micro:bit is an ARM-based embedded system developed by the BBC for use in education. It is aimed at getting children into electronics – something very close to our hearts at Proto-PIC – and can be programmed via a web interface. It has LEDs mounted on the board so children can make scrolling messages or simple graphics. They can even connect up other things like temperature sensors using the croc clip rings on the board.
STEM for Primary

Secondary Schools

STEM Lesson Plan
Enable your students to set their ideas alive with activities using the BBC micro:bit, Raspberry Pi and Arduino. Working closely with you, we can design specific projects and kit for hands-on learning. Our work is aligned with the curriculum, supporting students develop their skills in communication, problem-solving, collaboration and critical thinking. As well as, skills in exploration, invention, computational thinking and curiosity.
STEM for Secondary

Higher Education

Micro:bit Lesson Plan
A number of key education services are provided by Proto-PIC. We support the development of STEM curriculum through the project design and manufacture of components. Proto-PIC can also assemble kits purchased from our store for you, write Arduino sketches, provide design consultancy, and can program a wide range of Atmel AVR chips as well as PICs. Encouraging a love for STEM is close to our hearts.
If you’d like to discuss further, how Proto-PIC can support your STEM curriculum, please contact us by phone or email.
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