12V Metal Gearmotor 37D Range

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These brushed DC Metal Gearmotors are the most powerful and largest you will find on our site. Coming in at a whopping 37mm (1.46″) in diameter, they are available in a variety of gear ratios from 6.3:1 to 150:1 at 12V.  Composed mostly of spur gears, however the first stage features helical gears for improved efficiency and reduced noise. These  motors will run at voltages above and below the rated voltage; lower voltages might not be practical in your project, and higher voltages could start reducing the lifespan of the motor.

You can also use our  37D gearmotor comparison table to search for the version that offers the best combination of speed, torque, and current draw for your particular application.

Gear RatioNo-Load Speed
Stall Torque
Max Power

Without Encoder

With Encoder

(kg ⋅ cm)(oz ⋅ in)
12 V5.5 A0.2 A1:1 (no gearbox)10,0000.57P/N #4750
6.3:116003.04212P/N #4747
10:110004.96812P/N #4748
19:15308.512012P/N #4741
30:13301419012P/N #4742
50:12002129010P/N #4743
70:11502738010*P/N #4744
100:1100344708*P/N #4745
131:176456306*P/N #4746
150:167496806*P/N #2829

* Output power for these units is constrained by gearbox load limits; spec provided is output power at max recommended load of 10 kg⋅cm.

Metal Gearmotor accessories

The face plate has six mounting holes evenly spaced around the outer edge threaded for M3 screws. These mounting holes form a regular hexagon and the centers of neighboring holes are 15.5 mm apart. We carry a bracket for these gearmotors: a stamped aluminum L-bracket (sold in pairs).

For something a little sturdier than the Stamped bracket. These Machined Aluminum Brackets for 37D Metal Gearmotors allow you to mount and fix your gearmotor to a surface or project! The brackets have been designed so the six mounting holes of the 37D gearmotor line up exactly with the brackets holes, coupled with three tapped M3 holes on the bottom of the bracket for mounting.

The 6 mm diameter gearbox output shaft works with the Pololu universal aluminum mounting hub for 6mm shafts, which can be used to mount our larger Pololu wheels (80mm- and 90mm-diameter) or custom wheels and mechanisms to the gearmotor’s output shaft using any compatible wheel adapter!

37D Metal Gearmotor Documents

Datasheet for Pololu 37D Metal Gearmotors (2MB pdf)
Dimension diagrams of the Pololu 37D mm Metal Gearmotors (459k pdf)
3D models of 37D mm gearmotors (7MB zip)
This file contains 3D models (in the step file format) of the 37D mm gearmotors with and without encoders.


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