Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack

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Brand: Seeed Studio
Part Number: PPCAB110C4M
Barcode: 608641511185

Your basic Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack, perfect for prototyping and experimenting. This pack includes approximately 65 jumper wires of 4 different lengths: 200mm,165mm,125mm and 80mm.

Jumper wires truly are the part you will need in abundance! For all items realted to prototyping, have a browse on our store. Create something new today!

Jumper Wire Pack Includes

  • Approx. 65 jumper wires of varying lengths

4 reviews for Breadboard Jumper Wire Pack

  1. Roger Marshall

    Good range of lengths. Fit well.

  2. Tony Goodh

    These are really useful. Make quick and safe connections between components, bead-board and your Arduino. The different colours make tracing your connections very easy and the different lengths are very useful. They are flexible, make tight, positive conn

  3. Ted Finch

    Fine a set of jumper wires. 5 long, 5 medium 10 short and lots of v short.If the description included the count that would be good.

  4. na

    great for making quick prototypes up without spending a lot of cash.

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