Drawdio kit – v1.1 STEM Electronic Pencil Kit

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Drawdio kit – v1.1 STEM Electronic Pencil Kit

Drawdio is an electronic pencil that lets you make music while you draw! It’s great project for beginners: An easy soldering kit with instant gratification. Essentially, its a very simple musical synthesizer that uses the conductive properties of pencil graphite to create different sounds. The result is a fun toy that lets you draw musical instruments on any piece of paper.

  • Runs on a single AAA battery for many hours (even ‘nearly dead’ batteries will work)
  • Use any pencil – mechanical or plain. The kit comes with a 2B pencil, the softer the lead the better
  • Ridiculously fun for all ages
  • The electronic kit comes unassembled with all electronic components, PCB, hardware and pencil. AAA battery and tools necessary for assembly are not included. Please check the kit contents list below to see what is included. Assembly is very easy and takes less than an hour, even if you’ve never soldered before!

Drawdio Kit V1.1 Contents

  • Printed circuit board
  • TLC551 or similar low voltage ‘555 timer chip.
  • PNP transistor, EBC pinout
  • 680pF ceramic capacitor
  • 0.1uF ceramic capacitor (104)
  • 100uF / 6.3V capacitor (or higher)
  • 1/4W 5% 10 MEGAohm resistor-Brown, Black, Blue OR 1/4W 5% 20 MEGAohm resistor-Red, Black, Blue
  • 1/4W 5% 10 ohm resistor-Brown, Black, Black
  • 1/4W 5% 10K resistor-Brown, Black, Orange
  • 1/4W 5% 300K resistor-Orange, Black, Yellow
  • AAA battery holder
  • Small 8ohm speaker
  • Copper foil tape
  • Thumbtack
  • Pencil
  • Zip Tie
  • Wire

Tools Required For Assembly

There are a few tools that are required for assembly. None of these tools are included. If you don’t have them, now would be a good time to borrow or purchase them. They are very very handy whenever assembling/fixing/modifying electronic devices!


There’s lots more information at the Drawdio kit website Including a bunch of inspirational videos here.


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