IC Test Clip – SOIC 16-Pin

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IC Test Clip – SOIC 16-Pin

This is an IC Test Clip for 16-pin small outline integrated circuits (SOIC). This test clip assures a secure connection to all chip leads on an 16-pin SMD SOIC and provides hands-free testing.

On this test clip, you will find two sets of gold plated contacts, upper contacts to attach wiring and lower contacts for an 16-pin IC. Simply place your choice of IC in the lower contacts and attach female terminated jumper wires to the 0.1″ spaced upper contacts and you are ready to start testing!

These new test clips are designed especially for in-circuit testing on Small Outline Integrated Circuits (SOIC & SOJ).

The SOIC Clip test clip assures a positive connection to all chip leads and provides hands-free testing.

IC Test Clip Features:

  • Upper contacts are .025″ sq. pins, spaced at .100″. Pins are perfect for sq. pin receptacles, wire-wrap or jumper leads.
  • Gold plated lower contacts assure reliable, noise-free connections.
  • Molded barriers between each contact allow connections to be made on live boards without accidental shorting to adjacent chip leads.
  • Fits surface mounted SOIC and SOJ chips with gull-wing or “J” leads and body width from .150″ to .350″ wide

IC Test Clip Dimensions:

IC Test Clip 16 pin Dimensions

  • All dimensions are in inches


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