Kitronik 5652 :MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit)

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Brand: Kitronik
Part Number: 5652
Barcode: 5055421002459


The Kitronik :MOVE mini MK 2 buggy kit for the BBC microbit is the latest version of our ever popular :MOVE mini that provides a fun introduction to robotics. The :MOVE mini is a 2 wheeled robot that is suitable for autonomous operation, remote control projects via a Bluetooth application or being controlled using a second BBC microbit as a controller via the microbits radio functionality.

The MK2 features a brand new set of injection moulded wheels with 0-ring rubber tyres. The wheels maintain the large size, relative to the chassis, and add improved traction for better performance than the original buggies laser cut wheels. MK2 goes where V1.0 could not!

The :MOVE mini is powered by two continuous rotation servo motors. The speed of these servos can be controlled by simply altering the PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) signal to the servo, which is easy to do using the Servo blocks in the Microsoft PXT Block editor. There are custom blocks for the Servo:Lite to make the task of coding as quick and painless as possible, see the documents tabs for more information.

The buggy also has 5 x RGB individually addressable ZIP LEDs (NeoPixel compatible), which can be used as indicators, reverse lights etc…

It is possible to add a pen or other extra parts to the kit to increase the range of tasks for which it can be used. The BBC microbit is sold separately and the kit requires simple assembly.

The included  :MOVE servo:lite board can also be used in conjunction with a BBC microbit to build other movement based projects.

MOVE mini MK2 buggy kit (excl micro:bit) from Kitronik


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