LoRa Transceiver Module, 137~1020MHz, RFM95CW

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RFM95CW is an ultra-low-power, high-performance LoRa transceiver for various frequencies of 137-1020 MHz wireless applications. The high integration of RFM95C simplifies the peripheral materials needed in the system design. The sensitivity up to – 148 dBm which can optimize the link performance of applications. In addition, RFM95CW also supports Duty-Cycle operation mode, channel interception, high-precision RSSI, power-on reset, noise output, and other more functions, which makes the application design more flexible thus achieving product differentiation design. The working voltage of RFM95CW is 1.8V~3.7V. When the sensitivity is reaching -148 dBm, it only consumes 9.9 mA current. This ultra-low-power mode can further reduce the power consumption of the chip.

RFM95CW Features:

  • Frequency Range: 137~1020MHz
  • Modulation: LoRa
  • Data Rate: 0.018~37.5 kbps
  • Sensitivity: -123 dBm , BW=12KHz, SF=12
  • Voltage Range: 1.8~3.7 V
  • Receiving Current: 12.5 mA @ BW=125KHz
  • Supports Ultra-Low Power Receiving Mode
  • Sleeping Current
    • 160 nA, Duty Cycle = OFF
    • 600 nA, Duty Cycle = ON
  • 4-wire SPI Interface
  • Supports Full-automatic Independent Working Mode

RFM95CW Lora Transceiver Documents:


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