Machined Aluminum Bracket for 37D Metal Gearmotors

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Brand: Pololu
Part Number: 1995
Barcode: 5055421086053

These Machined Aluminum Brackets for 37D Metal Gearmotors allow you to mount and fix your gearmotor to a surface or project! The brackets have been designed so the six mounting holes of the 37D gearmotor line up exactly with the brackets holes, coupled with three tapped M3 holes on the bottom of the bracket for mounting.

This light and sturdy bracket is specifically designed for Pololu’s 37D mm metal gearmotors. Nine 8mm M3 screws are included for securing the motor to the bracket and the bracket to a surface. The bracket features three tapped M3 holes along the bottom of the bracket(spaced 14.8 mm, or 0.58″, apart) that are used to mount it to another object.

We also have stamped L-brackets for our 37D mm gearmotors in stock that provide and alternate mounting option, however the stamped bracket is not as sturdy as this machined bracket and can bend under heavy load. Pick your type carefully now!

Machined Aluminum Bracket Documents

Pololu machined bracket for 37D mm metal gearmotors mechanical drawing (48k pdf)
Printable mechanical drawing for the Pololu machined aluminum bracket for 37D mm metal gearmotors.
3D model of Pololu Machined Aluminum Bracket for 37D mm Metal Gearmotors (1MB step)




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