Male Crimp Pins for 0.1″ Housings (100-Pack)

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Brand: Pololu
Part Number: 1931
Barcode: 5055421023720

These male crimp pins can be crimped on 22-28AWG wires to create custom cables that are compatible with 0.1″ pitch headers and solderless breadboards. These male pins are sold in packs of 100.




5 reviews for Male Crimp Pins for 0.1″ Housings (100-Pack)

  1. David Ness

    Does exactly what you would think! Combined with the “Crimp Connector Housing” & and the ratchet crimping tool these are fantastic for making up your own cables… handy for keeping things tidy on a project.

  2. Chris

    These things along with the crimping tool make life so much easier when trying to make up some jumper cables in a strange length! No worries about the quality which is superb. Far better than some that I have used in the past.

  3. Erik

    I was surprised about the quality of these connectors. I ordered at the same time some of them in China expecting no difference but the price.BUT… to my surprise these connectors from Polulu are of *much* better quality! They have a better fit in the h

  4. Andrew Gif

    These are excellent to crimp, they are easy to handle as they are still attached to the strip

  5. Richard

    We sell a fantastic crimping tool that is designed for and works very well with these crimps. – PPPOL1928.Also, for an extra tip, if you need to make up a few wires at once, leave the crimps on the metal sprue until you have made the first crimp onto the

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