MicroRax Tri-Corner

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: PRT-11291
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Barcode: 5055421050139

The MicroRAX Tri-Corner is a mini T-Slot style joint. Suitable for non-industrial use on your desk or workbench! Quick to install/replace and made from 5052 aluminium, it is strong enough to support those prototype builds however if going into a production model that must support more weight, we suggest using regular right angle joints.

MicroRax is awesome but there hasn’t been an easy way to make a cubicle corner… until now. Do away with the convoluted configurations of right-angle brackets that it used to take to make three beams join up and say hello to the Tri-corner. The Tri-corner joint reduces the amount of fasteners that you’ll need to use and makes setting up cubicle structures much faster.

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MicroRAX Tri-Corner Features

  • Joins three profiles at 90 degrees
  • Reduces fastener handling
  • Ideal for building smaller projects quickly
  • Includes stainless set screws M3 x 3mm
  • Made from 5052 aluminum


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