Mini PMDC Motor 3V 16kRPM – PP210064

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The Mini PMDC Motor 3V 16kRPM operates at 3V. The Motor will run at 16000 ±10%rpm with no load and 3V supplied. The 10mm shaft allows you to drive a variety of external components, you choose!

NEW – Add a Universal Mounting Bracket to your order. Allowing you to increase the scope of your project and fix your programmed motor anywhere! The Self-adhesive base allows quick installation, plus 4 screw holes to enable permanent fixing to any surface.

Mini Motor Dimensions:

  • 14mm High
  • 20 mm diameter
  • 9.7±0.5mm depth for shaft.


Standard Operating Conditions
Rated Voltage : 3V DC
Direction of Rotation : CWW
Electrical Characteristics (at initial stage after 30 seconds run-in)
No Load Current : 0.4A Max.
No Load Speed : 16000 ±10%rpm
Rated Load : 11.9 (tested with fan)
Rated Current : 1.5A Max.
Rated Speed : 12400 ±8%rpm
Noise : 30cm ≤68dB
Torque : 10 g-cm
Output Watts : 1.23W

Mechanical Characteristics:

End Play : 0.05mm to 0.45mm
Runout of shaft extension : 0.02mm Max.

Additional Information :

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1 review for Mini PMDC Motor 3V 16kRPM – PP210064

  1. Arthur Simonton

    Top notch little DC motors for only a single pound coin! The option for a mount is a nice touch!

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