Night Light A STEM Education Product – Learn the Art of Soldering Kit

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Night Light A STEM Education Product – Learn the Art of Soldering Kit

Learning to solder is an important skill for any budding engineer, hence we have created a range of practical STEM education product ‘s to make this a fun learning experience. Because this is such a vital skill we have also created the Soldering for Beginners course within our Learning Academy. Enrole Today!

This fun little soldering kit contains all of the parts required to make a dark activated night light. Using an LDR (Light dependent resistor) and an NPN transistor, the 5x white LEDs included in the kit will fade up and down depending on how dark the environment is.

We wanted to see if a box made from soldered together PCBs would be strong and work well, so we thought that a nice little USB powered night light would make a great project. We drew a nice geometric cube design because we wanted to see how well our PCB manufacturer could route complex patterns and as we were so impressed with the results it became a kit. As for the top of the lamp we decided on a different design and so drew an angular spiral, which looks ace by-the-way!

This intermediate kit will take approximately 15 to 30 minutes to assemble with only basic soldering skills and equipment. We’ve designed this kit so that anyone aged 7 and upwards can build them, although young people should always be supervised when using Soldering Irons. Because these can be or at least should be very HOT!!!

Once assembled the lamp is powered using a micro USB cable (not included).


  • 1 x Top PCB
  • 1 x Base PCB
  • 4 x Side PCBs
  • 5 x White 5mm LEDs
  • 5 x 270 Ohm resistors
  • A 39K Ohm resistor
  • 1 x LDR
  • One USB power connector
  • 1 x NPN – 2N3904 transistor


Assembly video:

How to assemble the proto-pic nightlight kit

Additional Support:

If you need further help though you can call our free tech support line. Because we understand that there is no such thing a stupid question.

Proto-Pic are all about education, making, creating and we stock a wide range of STEM education product ‘s. That is why we love to follow the tweets online and find out who’s wearing our cool badge’s. Hint hint!

1 review for Night Light A STEM Education Product – Learn the Art of Soldering Kit

  1. Kieran Cranley

    Very easily constructed, works just as it is supposed to. Highly recommended.

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