Pololu RC Switch with Relay Range

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Pololu RC Switch with Relay Range – Pololu 2804 / 2805

This product consists of a single-pole, double-throw (SPDT) power relay and a control circuit that measures incoming radio control (RC) signals, making it easy to control large, electrically isolated loads in RC systems. Example applications include using extra channels on an RC receiver or servo controller to turn on lights, motors, or irrigation valves. The RC switch is available pre-soldered or as a partial kit that allows for greater application flexibility:

The RC switch measures the width of incoming RC pulses and compares it to a user-configurable threshold (with ±64 µs of hysteresis) to decide whether to activate the relay. By default, the threshold is approximately 1700 μs, with switch activation occurring above the threshold (longer pulses), but the switch has a learning mode that allows you to change the threshold and the activation direction. A safe-start feature reduces the likelihood of unexpected activation.

We generally recommend using a 4- or 5-cell NiMH or NiCD battery pack to power the switch. The battery pack will typically be connected to an RC receiver or servo controller, which passes the power on to the RC switch.

The included relay is rated for up to 10 A under most conditions.

The Pololu RC Switch with Relay ships with the 5V Omron relay, header pins, and terminal block soldered in. A 1×2-pin male header and a shorting block are also included with the assembled version and can be used to configure the device.

Check out the RC Switch User Guide for comprehensive instructions!


  • Board Length: 34.3mm (1.35″)
  • Board Width: 25.4mm (1″)
  • Height: 23mm (0.9″)
  • Weight: 17 grams

Pololu RC Switch with Relay Dimensions


  • G5LE (Relay Datasheet)


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