60×8mm Wheel for FEETECH FS90R/FT90R (2-Pack)

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Brand: Pololu
Part Number: 2819
Barcode: 5055421085575
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60×8mm Wheel Pair for FEETECH FS90R/FT90R – Pololu 2819

These plastic wheels are designed specifically for use with FEETECH FS90R and FT90R digital micro continuous rotation servos. This combination allows for a compact, cost-efficient, and easy-to-control drive system solution for a small robot or RC vehicle. The wheel presses onto the servo spline just like a typical servo horn and the small screw included with the FS90R/FT90R accessory pack for mounting servo horns should be used to hold the wheel in place. Two additional #4-40 mounting holes also make it possible for the wheel to be used with several of our universal mounting hubs.

60x8mm Wheel with mounting hub
90x10mm Wheel fitted with a 4mm Mounting Hub

The wheels also feature slots in the five spokes which fit #2 or M2 screws to allow additional accessories to be mounted to the wheel (e.g. decorations or parts of an encoder system). This set includes silicone tires which have a horizontal tread for improved traction. The wheels are sold in pairs and do not include a Servo.

Wheel Dimensions:

  • Wheel Size: 60 x 8 mm (2.36″ x 0.31″)
  • Weight: 11.3 g
  • Mounting Hole Size: #4-40
Dimensions are mm over inches
60x8mm Wheel with mounting hub

Note: See the Documents section at the bottom of the page for a printable pdf version of the drawing.

Included Items:

  • Two 60x8mm black plastic wheels
  • Two silicone tyres

60x8mm Wheel included hardware pololu



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