Sound Meter Kit

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Brand: Kitronik
Part Number: 2142
Barcode: 5055421002688
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This project kit uses a microphone to measure the sound level and then displays the amount of sound by lighting more LEDs the louder it is. There is an adjustment to set the sensitivity and the output is displayed on 10 LEDs.

The circuit uses an LM386 audio amplifier IC to amplify the signal from the microphone, then the LEDs are driven by an LM3914 dot / bar display driver.

Requires a 9V (PP3) battery, available separately.

This kit includes:

  • x1, 10K resistor
  • x1, 22K resistor
  • x1, 10K Pot
  • x2, 5mm red LED
  • x5, 5mm Green LED
  • x3, 5mm Yellow LED
  • x1, 100nF ceramic disc capacitor
  • x1, 10nF capacitor
  • x2, 10uF capacitor
  • x2, 1uF capacitor
  • x1, 220uF capacitor
  • x1, PP3 Clip lead
  • x1, Microphone
  • x1, LM386 audio amplifier IC
  • x1, LM3914 dot / bar display driver
  • x1, 18 pin IC holder
  • x1, 8 pin IC holder

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