Si4703 FM Tuner Basic Breakout (BOB-11083)

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Si4703 FM Tuner Basic Breakout – Sparkfun BOB-11083

This breakout for the Silicon Laboratories Si4703 FM tuner chip is a little more stripped down than our FM Tuner Evaluation Board. If your project already has an amp and just needs a full-featured FM tuner, this is the board for you. Beyond being a simple FM radio, the Si4703 is also capable of detecting and processing both Radio Data Service (RDS) and Radio Broadcast Data Service (RBDS) information. The Si4703 even does a very good job of filtering and carrier detection. It also enables data such as the station ID and song name to be displayed to the user.

Using this board we are able to pick up multiple stations just as well as with a standard FM radio. The board breaks out all major pins and makes it easy to incorporate this great chip into your next radio project.

Si4703 FM Tuner Documents:

Si4703 FM Tuner Video:


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