RFID Tag – ID Card (125kHz)

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: COM-08310
Barcode: 5055421041816
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RFID Tag – ID Card (125kHz)

You might know RFID as the technology that Big Brother uses to track your every move. Quickly, don the tinfoil hats!!

Only kidding. RFID is useful for sensing and identifying tagged people and objects for access control, automation, and a whole range of different applications. This basic RFID tag works in the 125kHz RF range and comes with a unique 32-bit ID. It is not re-programmable. This blank, smooth, and this mildly flexible RFID tag is ready for your logo (or hand-drawn scribble).


  • EM4001 ISO based RFID IC
  • 125kHz Carrier
  • 2kbps ASK
  • Manchester encoding
  • 32-bit unique ID
  • 64-bit data stream [Header+ID+Data+Parity]


  • Length: 85.5mm
  • Width: 54mm
  • Thickness 0.8mm


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