SparkFun COM-08530 7-Segment Red 6.5″ Display

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: COM-08530
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SparkFun COM-08530 7-Segment Red 6.5″ Display

No really – it’s 6 inches (153mm) tall! This very large 7-segment display can be seen from a hundred feet away. So many projects to try, so little time…


4 reviews for SparkFun COM-08530 7-Segment Red 6.5″ Display

  1. Phil

    Hi, here is a project I am working on, I am driving the display directly with TPIC6B595 high-powered shift registers and 47ohm series resistors from a 13.8V supply. Average current drawn by the whole display is just over 0.5A. The brightness of the displa

  2. Richard –

    Ah, now i understand you. These are pull up resistors, so that the cathodes are pulled up to 12V to switch off, then driven low by the shift resistor.If you need constant brightness across each segment you could be individual limiting resistors in betwee

  3. Richard –

    The current limiting resistor is there to protect the LED segment from blowing.Without the Resistor the LED is free to take any current the supply can give it, the resistor is there to stop this from happening.You need 20mA for a nice brightness.We use

  4. Roy

    The voltage drop across each LED segment is just under 12V

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