Button Pad 2×2 Top Bezel

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: COM-08746
Barcode: 5055421030261

Button Pad 2×2 Top Bezel

This is a black 1/8″ ABS plastic bezel, custom made to mate with the silicon rubber pads.

We use four 4/40-0.5″ size screws matched with plastic standoffs to attach the 2×2 button pad and Simon project boards.

Using two of these bezels with two of the bottom bezels will create a 4×4 bezel appropriate for the full button pad.

Top Bezel Dimensions:

Button Pad 2x2 Top Bezel Dimensions

Button Pad 2×2 Assembly Instructions:

Button Pad 2x2 Assembly Instructions

  1. Place button pad on assembled PCB.
  2. Place bezel sections 1 and 3 on their respective button pad quadrants.
  3. Place bezel sections 2 and 4 on their respective button pad quadrants.
  4. Secure bezels with 10 #4-40 x 1/2″ screws and matching nuts or stand-offs.



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