Sparkfun COM-14865 Infrared Remote Control

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SparkFun COM-14865 Infrared Remote Control

Have you ever needed a cheap way to activate something from across the room? Infrared remotes are still the cheapest way to wirelessly control a device. We have designed this remote to be small, very simple, and low-cost. For the majority of the projects we build, we don’t need 34 buttons, we need one or two. We just wanted to provide you with a cheap and easy to use remote!

Our infrared remote control offers buttons for four directions, power, select, and three optional use buttons (labled “A,” “B,” and “C”). Unfortunately we can’t guarantee that it will work with your Stuart Hughes’ PrestigeHD Supreme Rose Edition though. Rather, we are carrying this remote to work with many of the more common IR receiver ICs.

Note: The unit does NOT come with a CR2025 coin cell battery (check below). You can use a CR2032 battery, but we found they get stuck easily because they’re slightly too thick. It’s recommended that you use the CR2025, it fits well.

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