Magnetic Snap 18mm

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Magnetic Snap 18mm

A snap is fun, but a magnetic snap adds a whole new layer of possibilities.

These are relatively large 18mm diameter snaps (all three pieces come as shown). They couple together very strongly and must be pried apart.

They rotate freely on their axis and are electrically conductive.

We’ve seen snaps like these soldered onto PCBs and batteries to form a strong, but quick disconnect mechanism.

Overall connection resistance is less than 200 milliohm.

Snaps will couple when closer than 10mm.

1 review for Magnetic Snap 18mm

  1. John Rayner

    I needed a holder for my laptop’s CMOS battery (one of those with two leads permanently attached to the battery and a tiny connector at the other end. The battery holder had to be shallow with tags to attach the cables from the plug. This was perfect. I cut the leads from the old battery, a little soldering, some insulation tape around the battery holder to prevent shorting on the motherboard and the job was done.

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