SparkFun PGM-09671 MPLAB Compatible USB PIC Programmer

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Brand: SparkFun
Part Number: PGM-09671
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SparkFun PGM-09671 MPLAB Compatible USB PIC Programmer

This PIC programmer, from Cana Kit, is a professional USB PIC Programmer offering ZIF (Zero Insertion Force) sockets, an ICSP header, and an ICD2 port for easy PIC programming. The programmer is 100% compatible with MPLAB (PICkit 2 interface), and therefore can program practically any PIC microcontroller including the PIC16F84A, PIC16F628, PIC18F458 and PIC16F877.

This PIC Programmer uses a USB port for power and connection to the computer, as opposed to the traditional serial port, eliminating the need for a separate power supply. The programmer offers in-circuit programming with a wide range of optional adapters available for all DIP sizes from 8 to 40 pin, together with a program-run switch for direct in-circuit program execution.

Standalone windows programming software fully supported by Microchip is included. The firmware of this USB PIC Programmer is also fully updatable as new devices are released and updates to the firmware can be easily downloaded via Microchip’s official website.


  • Fully Assembled & Tested
  • USB Connection (Cable Included)
  • Does not require a power supply
  • 100% compatible with PicKit2 and Microchip’s MPLAB IDE
  • ZIF sockets for easy programming and removal
  • 6-pin ICSP as well as RJ-11 ICD2 port available for programming
  • Supports a wide range of PIC Microcontrollers from 8-Pin to 40-Pin
  • Power and programming LEDs



1 review for SparkFun PGM-09671 MPLAB Compatible USB PIC Programmer

  1. Chris Beckley

    Solid Pickit2 compatible programmer. We have programmed thousands of pics on these. Handles loads of different devices.

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