Copper Tape, Conductive, Adhesive – Range

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Copper Tape – Conductive Adhesive, 5mm / 10mm (50ft)

Copper tape has countless applications in electronics from creating low-profile traces for electrical components to RF-shielding and antenna-making. Copper tape is even used to join things together using solder, like the stained glass on Tiffany lamps.

This copper tape is backed by a conductive adhesive, is 5mm wide, and comes in rolls of 50 feet. Perfect for more precise projects.

Material Specification:

  • Base Material Copper Foil: 0.06±0.005mm
  • Adhesive Acrylic Adhesive: 0.025±0.005mm
  • Adhesion to Steel: 1.5 Kg/25mm
  • Tensile Strength: 4.50 Kg/25mm
  • Fracture Resistance: 25/44 N/10mm
  • Surface Impedance: 0.003-0.005 Ω
  • Shielding effectiveness (far field): 60dB to 80dB (30 MHz to 1GHz)
  • Short term heat resistance: 93 °C
  • Long term heat resistance: 140 °C



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