SparkFun Qwiic GPIO

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The SparkFun Qwiic GPIO is an I²C device which unlocks a further four IO pins to increase your capacity for prototyping on your Qwiic enabled project! Too many times we have found ourselves just one pin short when hooking up a project, adding another arduino will increase the cost exponentially, so we use a GPIO to solve this common issue.

The additional four IO pins granted by the Qwiic GPIO act identically to any other digital pin on your microcontroller. The I²C interface has been pre-configured to accept functions similar to Arduino’s pinMode and digitalWrite, so there’s no messing about straight out of the box!

This product uses SparkFuns Qwiic ecosystem, so it requires no voltage translation, no figuring out which pin is SDA or SCL, just plug and play!

Featuring on-board simple to use latch terminals; never screw another wire into place! The terminals are relatively spacious,allowing you to latch multiple wires into the ground or power terminal.

The Qwiic GPIO comes with three customizable address jumpers allowing for up to eight Qwiic GPIO boards to be connected on a single bus allowing upwards of 32 additional GPIO pins! The default I²C is 0x27 and can be changed by cutting the traces on the back of the board.


  • Additional 4 IO pins
  • Multiple Qwiic GPIO boards can be connected together to produce 32 additional GPIO pins!
  • 8 x Latch Terminals – Plenty space allows capacity for multiple wires into the ground or power terminals
  • Red Power LED

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