SparkFun weather:bit – micro:bit Carrier Board (Qwiic)

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The SparkFun weather:bit is a fully equipped carrier board for the BBC micro:bit which enables you to turn your micro:bit into a fully fledged weather station! The weather:bit will unlock access to barometric pressure, relative humidity and temperature readings, no longer will you have to peer out of the window for your morning weather report. To make things even more in-depth, there are connections on the board to optional secondary sensors like wind speed, direction, rain gauge and soil readings! In this new revision of the much-loved weather:bit, SparkFun have added a vertical Qwiic connector in line with their latest Qwiic enabled products for quality of life.

Connecting the weather:bit to your micro:bit is simple, using the edge connector at the top of the board, meaning you can swap out multiple microbits for programming purposes while still providing reliable connections to all of the different pins on the micro:bit. Furthermore, there are serial and I2C headers on the weather:bit for optimized connectivity if you so choose.

The BBC microbit is a small computer that unlocks a world of possibility for those of all ages and programming abilities. Although it was aimed originally at education, with it’s built in Bluetooth, motion detection, compass, and LED display, it could also be described as a great choice of platform for a varied range of project

Note: The SparkFun weather:bit does NOT include a micro:bit board. The micro:bit will need to be purchased separately.


  • Onboard temperature, humidity, and pressure sensor
  • Connectors (PTH and screw terminal) for soil moisture and soil temperature
  • Connectors (RJ11) for wind speed, direction and rainfall gauges
  • Edge connector for easy micro:bit integration
  • Vertical Qwiic connector
  • Headers for Serial and I2C communication

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