Weller Soldering Iron 25W 400°C – Perfect for Beginners – SP25NUK

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Brand: Weller

Weller Soldering Iron 25W 400°C – Perfect for Beginners – SP25N UK

This Weller Soldering Iron with LED Light is a high-performance, Soldering Iron (what is this) complete with 3 LEDs delivering light to the application for superior accuracy. Despite it’s low-end / budget price, the Weller brand comes through in the build quality. This Iron is our top recommend for newbie solderers!

This soldering iron is also ergonomically designed with a triangular formed housing capturing the LEDs. Once the tip is in position, the hand naturally gravitates to the triangular area to provide a more stable and effective way to control the tip position. Because of this, the soldering iron delivers both comfort and flexibility. A round, soft grip, non-slip handle design helps relax the hand during extended use. It easily provides a mechanism to roll and position the tip for different application needs.

To ensure long life, the soldering iron comes with a stainless steel heater, impact resistant housing and heat-resistant LEDs. Ideal for printed circuit boards, radio controls and indoor lighting.


Input Voltage: 230/240 Volt.
Input Power: 25W.
Tip: MT13mm Ø.
Cord Length: 1.60m.

Supplied with:

This iron comes with a Peg Hook Iron Stand (All be it very basic) and a User Manual. Because of the rather useless Stand that comes with this Iron, we recommend that you order one of these stands with the iron. It will make it much nicer tool on your bench and it will also make it safer to use. Remember to hold the corrent end of the Iron at all times! See our excellent soldering guide for beginners to get you started, especially if you haven’t soldered before.

What Can I Solder:

Soldering is a key skill to master if you want to work with electronics. It’s a tricky business too: if you want to attach metal wiring or components to a PCB (printed circuit board) a little finesse with a soldering iron goes a long way. Because of this Proto-Pic have created some fantastic soldering kits to get you started!

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