Zumo 32U4 Robot (Assembled with 75:1 HP Motors)

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Brand: Pololu
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The Zumo 32U4 is a highly integrated, user-programmable and customizable tracked robot.

It measures less than 10 cm on each side and weighs approximately 275 g with batteries (170 g without), so it is both small enough and light enough to qualify for Mini-Sumo competitions, but its versatility makes it capable of much more than just robot sumo battles.

The Pololu Zumo 32U4 robot is a versatile tracked robot based on the Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 MCU. It includes two 75:1 HP micro metal gearmotors along with integrated dual motor drivers, an LCD, quadrature encoders, line sensors, side and front proximity sensors for detecting objects, and a full IMU for detecting impacts and tracking orientation. The low-profile robot is less than 10 cm × 10 cm – small enough to qualify for Mini Sumo. No soldering or assembly is required; just add 4 AA Batteries and a USB Cable and your Zumo is ready for programming.


At the heart of the Zumo 32U4 is an ATmega32U4 AVR microcontroller , it features a USB interface and ships preloaded with an Arduino-compatible bootloader. A software add-on is available that makes it easy to program the robot from the Arduino environment, and we have Arduino libraries and example sketches to help get you started. A USB A to Micro-B Cable (not included) is required for programming. For advanced users who want to customize or enhance their robots with additional peripherals, the robot’s power rails and microcontroller’s I/O lines can be accessed via 0.1″-spaced through-holes along the sides and front of the main board.


The Zumo 32U4 features two H-bridge motor drivers and a variety of integrated sensors, including a pair of quadrature encoders for closed-loop motor control, a complete inertial measurement unit (3-axis accelerometer, gyro, and magnetometer), five downward-facing reflectance sensors for line-following or edge-detection, and front- and side-facing proximity sensors for obstacle detection and ranging. Three on-board pushbuttons offer a convenient interface for user input, and an LCD, buzzer, and indicator LEDs allow the robot to provide feedback.


This version of the Zumo 32U4 robot has is fully assembled with a pair of 75:1HP micro metal gearmotors.

Requires 4 x AA Batteries


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