ZUMO Robot Kit for Arduino V1.2 (no motors)

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Brand: Pololu
Part Number: 2509
Barcode: 5055421078065
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ZUMO Robot Kit for Arduino V1.2 (no motors) – Pololu 2509

This kit contains most of the parts you need to build an Arduino-controlled Zumo robot. It consists of a Zumo Shield for Arduino v1.2, a Zumo chassis kit, and a Zumo blade. You will also need a pair of micro metal gearmotors, four AA batteries, and an A-Star 32U4 Prime or Arduino to complete your Zumo robot (motors, batteries, and Arduino sold separately). This product is a kit; assembly (including soldering) is required.

We also stock a pre-assembled version that ships with motors and a Zumo Reflectance Sensor Array.

Kit Contents:

  • A Zumo Shield for Arduino v1.2
  • A Zumo Chassis Kit
  • A Zumo Blade

Zumo Robot Kit for Arduino v1.2

Required Hardware (not included):

  • Two micro metal gearmotors. There are a variety of  power options and gear combinations available for the gearmotors, allowing for a flexibility in robot torque and speed selection. The Zumo shield can supply enough power for all of the micro metal gearmotors we carry including the high-power (HP) versions. Specifically, we primarily recommend the 50:1, 75:1, or 100:1 HP for use with this kit.
  • Four AA batteries.
  • An Arduino or compatible board. The Zumo Shield works with the A-Star 32U4 Prime, Arduino Uno and Arduino Leonardo. It is not compatible with the Arduino Mega or Due, but it can be used with older Arduinos that have the same form factor as the Uno, such as the Duemilanove.

Comparison with the Zumo 32U4 robot

The newer Zumo 32U4 is another robot based on the Zumo chassis. It is a more highly integrated robot than the Zumo robot for Arduino, with enhancements that include a built-in Arduino-compatible ATmega32U4 microcontroller (the same one used in the Arduino Leonardo and A-Star 32U4 boards), an LCD, encoders for closed-loop motor control, and proximity sensors for obstacle detection. The Zumo 32U4 main board effectively combines the functions of the Zumo Shield and the separate Arduino controller into a single, compact board that is just as easy to program as a standard Arduino or A-Star thanks to its USB interface and preloaded Arduino-compatible bootloader.

Zumo Shield v1.2 Dimensions:

Zumo Shield v1.2 Dimensions

Zumo Shield Front Expansion Pinout:

Zumo Shield Front Expansion Pinout

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