Proto-PIC Maker Club

What is Proto-PIC Maker Club?

Proto-PIC Maker Club is an electronics, monthly subscription box. There is an electronics project inside the box. Our limited edition Proto-PIC Maker Club, gives you a monthly box containing an electronics project delivered directly to your door. This exclusive club is limited in numbers, with an electronics project shipping in the third week of every month. When the quota is gone, it’s gone!

Maker Club was born from a customer request for more frequent affordable electronics projects. We got our thinking hats on and decided to create an exclusive monthly subscription service for everyone who loves electronics. The club is EXCLUSIVE in that there are a limited number of subscriptions and boxes available at our special subscription price. The box is shipped and its contents unveiled (like a magazine) in the third week of each month of purchase.

Proto-PIC Maker Club

Who is Proto-PIC Maker Club for?

Proto-PIC Maker Club is for anyone aged 12 to adult who wants to be introduced to exciting, new components each month to work with and create a project.

What skills will I gain?

This exclusive club is for anyone who wants to have hands on experience of working in electronics and develop their coding skills. By subscribing, you’ll gain real-life skills that are used in professional, technical careers. You’ll develop skills, build confidence, work with new components, create projects, collaborate and share via our forums.

How does Proto-PIC Maker Club work?

During the third week of each month a limited number of subscription boxes are shipped.  When they are gone, they are gone!  By signing up, before the third week of each month, we will deliver you a box filled with electronics delights, a happy project and exclusive instructions.  You can choose to buy simply a one off taster box or sign up for a regular fix (until you choose to cancel it).

Exclusive you say?

Oh and did we mention that the boxes are LIMITED EDITION. So that when the monthly allowance is gone… it’s gone! So priority will go to the monthly subscribers.

How is payment taken?

If you commit to a subscription we take out the full term or a payment every month if you have a rolling (autorenew) subscription. These are great as you know your box will be on its way!

Can you cancel?

Yes just ask us. If you want to trial a box – order the single box to see if you like it. The subscription cancellation will be valid from the following month. Single Box sales are full and final.

International and Monthly subscriptions have minimum terms of 3 months before cancellation.

Annual and 6 month subscriptions are for the full term, but renewal can be cancelled at any time up to 1 week before the next payment is due.

Anything else?

Just email us or give us a call.

Maker Club Subscription Options

Save 20% with a 12 month subscription or 10% with a 6 month subscription.

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