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Soldering Kit Tutorials

Soldering Tutorial

If you want to make anything that involves an Arduino or raspberry pi that is a bit more involved than a flashing LED or media centre, the odds are that you are going to have to solder something to a circuit board. 

Soldering Iron Solder Tip Cleaner Brass

Soldering Iron Solder Tip Cleaner Brass

Soldering Iron Solder Tip Cleaner Brass The soldering tip is cleaned by wiping or turning it in the metal wool. Subsequently, a fine solder layer will remain which prevents fast oxidation of the soldering tip, and represents a considerable advantage compared

Soldering Kit Tutorials

Lighthouse – Beginners Soldering kit

Lighthouse – Beginners Soldering Kit – Assembly Guide First of all you need to check the contents of the kit you should have the following: Kit contains: 1 x 220-ohm resistor ( Red, Red, Black) 1 x 82k ohm resistor

picture of completed lighthouse solder kit
Soldering Kit Tutorials

Lighthouse Beginner’s Soldering Kit

Tutorial Description In this video, we show you how to make the beginners soldering kit: Lighthouse. This video takes you step by step in the process of soldering the lighthouse kit.

Picture of a Soldering Iron next to a PCB
Soldering Kit Tutorials

About Soldering

Soldering is one of the most fundamental skills needed to dabble in the world of electronics. The two go together like peas and carrots. And, although it is possible to learn about and build electronics without needing to pick up

heART - a beating heart surface mount soldering kit
Soldering Kit Tutorials

Surface Mount Soldering Kit

Tutorial If you would like to purchase the products in this video, click the associated product. Description   This video will show you how to assemble our heart kit. The kit is a great introduction to surface mount hand soldering.

lighthouse learn to solder product, stem learning

Lighthouse – Beginners soldering kit – STEM Learning

Lighthouse – Beginners Learn to Solder Kit – STEM Learning Have you built up your Day-of-the-Geek or UniGeek badge kits? Well in that case why not carry on brushing up on your soldering skills? Our lighthouse soldering kit has been

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