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Proto-PIC site map

Proto-PIC site map is a textual organisation of our website that allows you to navigate through the site to find products or services you are looking for.

Our website is organised into key sections: Shop, STEM Education, Consultancy Services, Blog, Community, the Proto-PIC Academy, our Maker Club, About Proto-PIC and Contact Us.

You might find what your looking for using the search box displayed at the top of the page.

Use the Proto-PIC site map to navigate the site

Use the site map to find your around Proto-PIC. Discover our huge online shop selling all Sparkfun Electronics’ products and our own manufactured Proto-PIC products. We also sell a wide range of brands including Arduino, Raspberry PI, Sony.

Proto-PIC is a central hub for the STEM and Maker communities and educational institutions. We’re a friendly and supportive community offering advice and support. Learn through Proto-PIC’s Academy, get involved in our community forums and join the Proto-PIC maker club.  

If you are an Educator, read about our work in education. We also offer educational discounts for schools, colleges and universities in UK and Ireland. In addition, students can also receive their own personal student discount.

Proto-PIC work closely with educators in the education industry and design a range of additional boards and accessories. For example, teachers reported that they found using BBC micro:bits to teach potential dividers and switching circuits was fiddly. Proto-PIC worked with educators to design a Proto-PIC board and accessories to support the BBC micro:bit.

Proto-PIC offers a range of consultancy services including writing arduino sketches, programming services and design consultancy. We can also assemble products purchased from Proto-PIC.

In addition, you can read more generally about Proto-PIC on the About Proto-PIC page.

If ever there is anything that you cannot find on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us via our Contact Us page or by calling our number which can be found in the top right hand side of every page.

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