STEM Kits perfect for Home Schooling and Fun Learning

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Take a look at our STEM home schooling ideas. Give the makers and inventors in your life, a gift to spark their imagination and inspiration, this Christmas.

Preparing today’s children to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow, begins with play and exploration outside the classroom. A new study called “Jobs of the Future” states STEM jobs will increase at double the rate of other jobs between now and 2023.

STEM Home Learning Ideas Benefit Skills Development

Our STEM gift ideas are a way for children and young people to learn hands-on. They bring theory to life in fun and interactive ways.

Grove Starter Kit for Arduino

The Grove Starter Kit for Arduino is the perfect starter kit for Arduino beginners. No troublesome soldering and no complicated wiring. You can focus on learning the Arduino. This kit includes a Base Shield which has Grove connectors on board. You will receive twelve Grove modules, included in the kit. To help you get started, you’ll be able to follow the very helpful manual, included. Check out the full range of Grove Kits here.

“These Grove starter kits are a really neat and self-contained solution for anyone wanting to get started developing with Arduino.”

Martin Usher, Proto-PIC Managing Director

Grove Starter Kit for Arduino

STEM Gift Ideas: SparkFun Inventor’s Kit

SparkFun Inventor's Kit STEM Gift Ideas

Another great way to get started with programming is with the SparkFun Inventor’s Kit. Likewise in hardware interaction using the Arduino programming language. The kit includes everything you need to complete five overarching projects. It consists of 16 interconnected circuits that teach everything from blinking an LED to reading sensors. The culminating project is your very own autonomous robot! Above all, no previous programming or electronics experience is required to use this kit.

There is a full-colour, spiral-bound guidebook included. This contains step-by-step instructions for building each project and circuit with the included parts. It includes circuit diagrams and hookup tables. Full example code is provided. New concepts are explained at the time they are used. As you go along, troubleshooting tips are offered.

The Arduino starter kit does not require any soldering. It is recommended for beginners aged 10+.

STEM Soldering Kits

Our soldering kits are perfect for beginners. You may like to read our post on how to solder for beginners first.

Lighthouse – Beginners soldering kit

Lighthouse – Beginners soldering kit


Heart Soldering Kit

Heart Soldering Kit STEM Gift Ideas

Unigeek – A Unicorn Badge Soldering Kit

Unigeek - A Unicorn Badge Soldering Kit

Proto-PIC’s soldering kits are a great introduction to soldering and basic electronic principles. Take a look at our full range of soldering supplies and kits here.

LED Range – Diffused, Clear, RGB, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm

An ideal stocking filling are our range of basic through hole LEDs. They are available in 3mm, 5mm, 10mm in all the standard colours. LEDs are a staple of every electronics project.

LED Range – Diffused, Clear, RGB, 3mm, 5mm and 10mm

Carbon Film Resistors

Carbon Film Resistors

Similarly, don’t forget your current limiting resistors! Because they are made by Royal Ohm, they are also great quality. They have a tolerance of 5% and will suit most electronics requirements. For a 5V circuit we recommend 150 Ohm or 180 Ohm resistors.

Our Top Sellers in STEM Gift Ideas:

1Sheeld+ Arduino Shield CEL-14333

 1Sheeld+ Arduino Shield CEL-14333 STEM Gift Ideas

1Sheeld turns your IOS or Android smartphone into a re-configurable Arduino shield.

With one of these, the sky is the limit with what you can do. You can do all sorts of things from controlling a radio controlled car to sending social media messages. Receive a tweet to water your plants. You can do anything that a powerful smartphone can do.

DSO Nano v3 Digital Storage Oscilloscope

DSO Nano v3 Digital Storage Oscilloscope STEM Gift Ideas

The DSO Nano V3 is a pocket-size compatible 32bit digital storage oscilloscope. Based on ARM -M3, it’s equipped with 320*240 color display, SD card, USB port and recharging function. It’s compact, simple to operate; meets the basic demands of school lab, electric furniture repairment and electric engineering.

Arduino UNO compatible project starter kit

The Proto-PIC Arduino UNO compatible project starter kit offers great value for money. The recipient of this kit will be able to make a huge number of projects. You will receive a handy storage box, as shown in the picture. We’ve included some useful tutorials on Proto-PIC’s YouTube channel.

Arduino UNO compatible project starter kit

Arduino UNO compatible project starter kit STEM Gift Ideas

Arduino UNO compatible project starter kit STEM Gift Ideas

Funky Lighting – LED Strips

Most noteworthy, don’t miss stocking up on LED strips for mood lighting and festive lighting displays. The LED strips are great value for money. Use them for accent lighting, lighting up kitchen cupboards, around the television and for shelving. Our waterproof range allow you to use outdoors for spectacular lighting displays. You can choose from a range of sizes.

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