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Arduino Microcontroller Main Boards

Microcontrollers that support the Arduino framework come in an incredibly diverse range of form factors and abilities.

Most Arduino Projects will start with an Arduino Uno – due to its low cost and ease of use. It has built in header strips which allow easy connection  to the pins of the processor.

Typically, once you become more proficient or once you have a particular enclosure or project in mind, then its normal to move onto one of the more specialised boards. That could be a lilypad Arduino, which has been designed from the ground up to be used with e-textiles (or cosplay), or perhaps the Arduino Pro Mini, which houses a power house microcontroller in a form factor that would fit into a matchbox!

Because there are now just so many different boards, we have put together this table, which lists all the Arduino based boards we have in stock and the key features of each.

ProcessorProcessor VoltageSupply VoltageFlashSRAMDigital I/O PinsPWM PinsAnalogue InputsHardware Serial PortsConnectivityNotes and Special Features
Arduino Uno R3 (PPA000066)16 MHz ATmega328P5V7-12V32KB2KB14661USB 2.0
Uno R3 Clone (PPAC0022)16 MHz ATmega328P5V7-12V32KB2KB14661USB 2.0
Arduino Pro 328 (PPDEV-10915)16MHz ATmega3285V5-12V32KB2KB14661
Arduino Pro Mini 328 (PPDEV-11114)8MHz ATmega328P3.3V3.3-12V32KB2KB14681
Arduino compatible Pro Mini 5V Atmega328 (PPPAC0001)16 MHz ATmega3285V5-12V32KB2KB1468
Arduino compatible Pro Micro (PPDEV-12640)16MHz ATmega32U45V6-16V32KB2.5KB12541Micro-USB
Arduino Nano 3.0 (PPA000005)16MHz ATmega3285V7-12V32KB2KB14681USB Mini-B
Seeeduino XIAO (PP210032)48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ (SAMD21G18)3.3V256KB32KB141011USB Type-C
RedBoard (PPDEV-13975)16 MHz ATmega3285V7-15V32KB2KB1466USB Mini-B
RedBoard Qwiic (PPDEV-15123)16MHz ATmega328P3.3V/5V7-15V32KB2KB2066Micro-USB, Qwiic Connector
RedBoard Turbo (PPDEV-14812)48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ (SAMD21G18)3.3V3.5-6V4MB32KB2614Micro-USB, Qwiic Connector
PJRC Teensy 3.2 (PPDEV-13736)72MHz ARM Cortex-M43.3V256KB64KB3412213Micro-USB
PJRC Teensy 4.1 (PPDEV-16771)600 MHz ARM Cortex-M73.3V8MB1MB5535188Micro-USB, USB Host
Arduino Mega 2560 Rev3 (PPA000067)16MHz ATmega25605V6-20V256KB8KB5415164USB 2.0
Adafruit 2000 Pro Trinket (PPADA2000)16MHz ATmega328P3.3V7-15V28KB2KB1820Micro-USB
Adafruit 3333 – Circuit Playground Express (PPADA3333)48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ (SAMD21G18)3.3V2MB256KB8581Micro-USBAble to run CircuitPython, Microsoft Make-Code and Javascript

Inbuilt sensors

LilyPad Arduino USB (PPDEV-12049)8MHz ATmega32U43.3V3.8-5V32KB2.5KB944Micro-USBDesigned for wearable e-textiles technology
LilyPad Arduino 328 Main Board (PPDEV-13342)16MHz ATmega3282.7-5.5V2.7-5.5V16KB1KB1466Designed for wearable e-textiles technology
LilyPad Arduino Simple Board (PPDEV-10274)16MHz ATmega3282.7-5.5V2.7-5.5VDesigned for wearable e-textiles technology
Arduino MKR Zero (PPABX00012)48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ (SAMD21)3.3V5V256KB32KB221271Micro-USB
ESP8266 Thing (PPWRL-13231)3.3VWi-FiIoT
Qduino Mini (PPDEV-13614)8MHz ATmega32U43.3V32KB2.5KB267121
Pro RF (PPWRL-15836)48MHz ARM Cortex-M0+ (SAMD21)3.3V3.5-6V265KB32KB445Micro-USB, Qwiic Connector WirelessIoT
Pro Mini 168 (PPAC0023)16MHz ATmega1685V5-12V16KB1KB1466
Pro Mini 328 (PPDEV-11113)16MHz ATmega328P5V5-16V32KB2KB22681
RedBoard Edge (PPDEV-14525)16MHz ATmega3285V7-15V32KB2KB14661Micro-USB, Qwiic Connector
Arduino Fio (PPDEV-10116)8MHz ATmega328P3.3V3.35-12V32KB2KB22681USB Mini-B, Xbee SocketUSB Mini for charging only
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