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Microbit Plant Watering Kit
Microbit Tutorials

Plant Watering Kit Project

If you are guilty of forgetting to water your plants then this project is for you. Make an awesome automatic plant watering kit with the BBC microbit, a moisture sensor and a waterpump

Proto-PIC Image showing 3 students learning electronics at home
Gift Ideas

STEM Kits perfect for Home Schooling and Fun Learning

Take a look at our STEM home schooling ideas. Give the makers and inventors in your life, a gift to spark their imagination and inspiration, this Christmas. Preparing today’s children to become the innovators and inventors of tomorrow, begins with

3D Printers for Schools

Introducing our Local Schools to the Marvel of 3D Printing

Engage Explore Educate! It’s no secret that Education is a huge part of Proto-PIC’s philosophy, it’s part of our mantra! We are always brainstorming new ways to engage teachers and their pupils with Electronics based STEM systems. Hands-on exploration and

Lilypad Arduino main board

Lilypad Arduino

Lilypad Arduino is changing the way we look at and experience clothing with electronics textiles or e-textiles. You can make dresses that read you poetry or have sensors smuggled inside lace. Or if you like, add projections into your petticoats!

microbit lesson plan

Microbit Lesson Plan

This blog post is full of ideas to support schools in their STEM curriculum. Don’t miss downloading the Microbit Lesson Plan for use with the Phys:bit and micro:bit. In the lead up to the Christmas holiday break, you can get

electronics components

Electronics Components

Proto-PIC is a leading purveyor of electronics components and an interactive, inspiring hub for Makers and Educators. Our site is the place to learn via the Proto-PIC Academy, share in our community forum and discover latest news and products. Buy

Soldering Kit Tutorials

Soldering Tutorial

If you want to make anything that involves an Arduino or raspberry pi that is a bit more involved than a flashing LED or media centre, the odds are that you are going to have to solder something to a circuit board. 

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