Proto-PIC Quality Promise


Proto-PIC Quality Promise is at the heart of who we are. It shows in our people, our conversations and our products.

Our Proto-PIC quality promise is our promise to you of a 100% quality standard, based on right first time and error-free performance. Collectively our staff have many years manufacturing and electronics experience. This results in the standard of service and quality of product demanded by our customers. Proto-PIC accepts Paypal payments and your payment safety is a priority for us. Proto-PIC Electronic Components, Hot Solder Ltd is a BS EN ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Assurance accredited company. We are proud of our history and service to the education industry and maker community. We operate and maintain a quality management system that satisfies the requirements of  the International Organisation for Standardisation. To download our certificate, click on the icon below:

Our quality system is built around the following objectives:

  1. We want every customer to have full confidence and trust in our quality promise.
  2. Proto-PIC will supply quality products at competitive prices.
  3. All our customers and suppliers will always be treated with professionalism and courtesy. We guarantee to give 100% quality standard in delivering  personal service and customer satisfaction.
  4. At all times, we will deal with all enquiries efficiently. Our expert, technical team will respond to emails and answer telephone calls promptly. Proto-PIC is a team that always adopts a customer-focused approach.
  5. To add continous value for our customers, Proto-PIC conduct regular reviews of our operations to continually monitor our processes and service. Proto-PIC are committed to continous improvement by developing solutions to solve customers' needs and solve problems.
  6.  Fundamental to the success of our company are our employees. We ensure they have the skills, expertise and competence to carry out their respective duties through continuous professional development and staff training, as required.
“I want every customer to have full confidence in Proto-PIC. Customer satisfaction is fundamental to the company’s long-term success in design solutions and delivering electronics to the education industry and hobbyists. The commitment to the Proto-PIC quality promise, by every team member, at all levels within our company, drives our quality objectives.”

Martin Usher Managing Director, Proto-PIC, Hot Solder Ltd