A capacitive sensor is a proximity sensor that detects nearby objects by their effect on the electrical field created by the sensor.

Digital Capacitor

Ever need to fine tune an oscillator circuit or RF filter? It can be tricky and repetitive switching out capacitors on a PCB. The Qwiic Digital Capacitor, complete with the NCD2400M IC, can be a great solution. Solder the nibs onto any 0603 or 0402 footprint, plug in a Qwiic cable and RedBoard, and change the capacitance in code. This board is one of our many Qwiic compatible boards! Simply plug and go. No soldering, no figuring out which is SDA or SCL, and no voltage regulation or translation required!

Proto-Pic has AT42QT101X Capacitive Touch Breakout which is a dedicated, single-button capacitive sense chip. The chip handles monitoring a conductive area for touch. As long as a touch (e.g. from a finger) is detected, the AT42QT101X keeps the output line high.

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    Capacitive Touch Slider - CAP1203 Qwiic (SEN-15344)


    CAPACITIVE TOUCH SLIDER - CAP1203 QWIIC -SPARKFUN SEN-15344 Do you want to replace a slider or a button on your art project or science experiment with a more interesting interface? This Capacitive Touch Slider is a "Qwiic" and easy way to add capacitive...
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