Resistors - Electronic Components

We stock a full range of PTH wire-wound and breadboard-friendly resistors, along with complete kits or individual values! We also have a range of SMD resistors. What are Resistors? Check out our blog which will fill you in!

Carbon Film Resistor

Resistors are a staple of every electronics project. They are made by Royal Ohm, so are great quality. Proto-PIC's resistors offer great value for money. They are an essential in your electronics toolbox. They have a tolerance of 5% and will suit most electronics requirements. We have all of the typical values in stock, just select your value from the drop down-list and click add to basket.

Rotary Potentiometer

Potentiometer is a variable resistor and have the ability to regulate or change the flow of a current through a circuit.
We have rotary potentiometer. Adjustable potentiometer can open up many interesting user interfaces. Just give the pot a turn and the resistance changes.

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