LiPo Battery

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What is a LiPo Battery?

Lipo Battery, which is an abbreviation of lithium polymer battery, or more correctly lithium-ion polymer battery. Common abbreviations also include LiPo, LIP, Li-poly, lithium-poly).

A LiPo Battery is a rechargeable cell of lithium-ion technology using a polymer electrolyte instead of a liquid electrolyte. High-conductivity gel polymers are used to form this electrolyte.

Unlike lithium-ion cylindrical and prismatic cells, which have a rigid metal case, LiPo cells have a flexible, foil-type (polymer laminate) case, so they are relatively unconstrained. They also tend to weigh less than their counterparts.

These batteries are used in phones, computers, UPS systems, radio-controlled aircraft/cars, electric vehicles, even to jump-start full-sized combustion engines in cars or vans.

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