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Keypads – Matrix

Keypads are made up of a set of buttons arranged in a block or pad which can contain combinations of numeric digits, alphabet letters, or symbols. 

We stock a range of Matrix Touchpads, and accessories to suit various projects. These boards are compatible with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, micro:bit, and many other development platforms.

If you are using a matrix pad without a serial interface built-in, you may want to consider the Proto-PIC keypad to serial converter!

Electronic keypads are used in so many day-to-day applications, every time you go to the shops for example you’ll see them at checkouts. They’re used for door access systems, safes, telephones, and printers/copiers to name just a few.

In many of our product pages you’ll find hook-up guides and example code, but if you find yourself stuck, don’t suffer in silence! We’re here to help. Contact our technical support team via email.

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