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GPS Antenna

GPS devices are common, but what if you need to pack your GPS receiver into a small space such as a wearable, or give it some extra oomph. Then you probably want to connect a GPS Antenna!

Our range of individual antennas can even be connected via a cable and installed permanently into a project once you select the best one for your application.

For the best performance, you want a clear path between the antenna and most of the sky. Weather, clouds, snowstorms, shouldn’t affect the signal, but things like trees, buildings, mountains, the roof over your head, will all create unwanted interference and your GPS accuracy will suffer.

Do I need a Ground Plate for my GPS Antenna?

Ground planes are an essential part of antenna design, as they reflect signals into and away from the antenna, minimizing interference.

A fixed antenna uses the earth’s surface as a ground plane to reflect radio waves. Portable antennas, need to use an internal ground plane which is normally built into the PCB itself. This can become a real issue when designing small GNSS tracking devices, where space is at a premium and higher levels of interference from surrounding circuitry comes into play. This is where using a ground plate can help.

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