Variable Resistors

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Variable Resistors

We have a variety of various, viable and versatile, variable resistors in stock.

A variable resistor can be used in your circuit to enable you to change the amount of resistance without the need to change the component. When resistance decreases the flow of the current increases, thus enabling you to change current and voltages within your circuit. There are different types of variable resistors available to do this.


A potentiometer or pot for short can be used as a voltage regulator by introducing a variable amount of resistance into a circuit or as a means of adjusting the power in a circuit. These devices come in different flavours such as slider pots, trimmer pots or thumbwheel pots.

Trimmer Pots

Trimpots or trimmer resistors are a small component that is used to be placed within your circuit and generally not adjusted frequently if at all.


Proto-PIC also stock a range of Ceramic Transient Voltage Suppressors, Metal Oxide Varistors, Potentiometer Accessories, Potentiometer Knobs, Potentiometer Mounting Nuts, Rheostat Dials and Thermistors

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