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ARM Development Boards

ARM Development Boards and microcontrollers are high-performance, 16/32-bit RISC-core devices. We carry a wide range of ARM development tools to help get your project underway quickly and easily.

These include boards from; PJRC, Sparkfun, Arduino, Seeed, Adafruit Raspberry Pi, Texas Instruments, and more.

Arm microcontrollers are the most widely used microcontroller in the world with approximately 98% of all mobile phones using at least one ARM microprocessor.

Arm has three series of microcontrollers:

  • Cortex-A microcontrollers are intended for application-specific systems such as smartphones
  • Cortex-R is a real-time specific microcontroller, used in applications such as space and missiles
  • Cortex-M is aimed at general purposes applications such as motor control, LED, LCD interfaces, and more
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