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What is IoT?

In short, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the trend of connecting more and more devices to the internet and each other. This development is being driven by the availability of cheaper and smaller computer chips which are being combined with all sorts of ‘things’ to transform them into smart devices. One example is the idea of a smart home, where the fridge keeps tracks of its content and can send you a text message to let you known you need to pick up milk on your way home from work or a coffee machine that’s connected to your phone alarm and starts making a brew when you wake up.

How does it work?

IoT devices can be anything which has been upgraded with some computing capability and an internet connection. Often IoT appliances also have some sensors built-in as well which enable them to detect shortages or problems and communicate with each other or the internet to mitigate problems before they impact you. This is where our IoT range comes in, we stock a variety of connectivity capable boards which you can put into your latest project to create your own smart home. Check out our blog for some more project ideas!

Cloud engineering concept photo

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