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IoT Antennas

Every single Internet of Things (IoT) device needs an antenna, and guess what… it is a crucial element! Without the correct performance, your project can fail due to communication issues between your devices.

A good one will give you a good wireless range. A bad one may cause your devices to not even be reachable!

Power consumption is also a consideration on all IoT devices, and your Antenna can play a vital role in your power consumption.

What kind of Antennae are available?

Printed Circuit Board Antenna

A PCB antenna is most likely the most cost-efficient type of antenna. Printed on the circuit board itself, a PCB antennae consists of a copper trace on the circuit board.

PCB Antenna Example

Chip Antenna

A Chip antenna is a small electric component that is placed on the PCB with all the other components. They are compact and can perform well – often better than a PCB antenna. They do however cost more than a PCB antenna, and also sometimes they aren’t always as space-saving as they first appear. This is due to the fact that each chip antenna has a strict layout and spacing requirement that you’ll have to meet, in order for it to perform correctly.

Chip Antenna Example

Whip Antenna

A Whip antenna is the type of antennae that sticks out into the air from the device. They come in all shapes and sizes, from very crude wire to sophisticated molded items. You’ll no doubt have seen these on many wifi products such as routers.

Whip Antenna Example

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