Stepper Motors

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Stepper Motors

What is a StepperMotor?

Stepper motors are essentially brushless DC motors that rotate in steps electronically set by a controller that provides the necessary current through electromagnets that are arranged in a ring as part of the stator assembly.

Steppers are perfect for projects that require accurate position control and low speeds such as in manufacturing automation, laser cutters, and 3D printers. The design of Steppers minimizes mechanical and electrical delays that occur in other types of motors. stepper motors have remarkable stopping accuracy and responsiveness.

At the core of any stepper is a permanent magnet and shaft down the center of two or more toothed rotors. These rotors have different polarities because of the enclosed magnet and are offset from one another to allow themselves to be better drawn to the electro-magnetized teeth that cover the internal surface of the stator. The stator has fewer teeth than each rotor to ensure full alignment can only occur in sections (stator plates) along coil pairs. Energizing and de-energizing in-turn coil pairs cause the shaft to rotate a full step due to the attraction and repulsion of the magnetized teeth.

Stepper Motor Construction

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