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3D Illustration of a crowd of humanoid robots

Our extensive robotics range contains all the components you need for your world conquering robot project. From sensors to detect obstacles in their way to world domination to motor controllers to drive the actuators of your machine horde, we stock the largest catalogue of robotics kits and components.

What is robotics?

robot arm in a factoryIf you already know what a robot is but don’t know how to start actually working with them skip to the next section.  Most of us have some idea of what a robot is, even if it’s just from films and TV but robotics is in the real world too. Robotics is the collective science, engineering and technology that work together to create machines (robots) that can substitute for a human worker in some tasks. Robots can be large and perform a multitude of tasks like robot arms that build cars or small and specific like the little autonomous vacuum cleaners.

In general, robotics is the intersection between three disciplines – mechanical, electrical and software engineering. All robots have some mechanical components which are like your body and prescribe how the robot can move and interact with the world. The electronics is like your nervous system and heart, it powers the robot through an electrical component and includes the sensors and cables running throughout and the software is like a brain and instructs the robot on what to do and makes decisions.

Robotics is a constantly evolving discipline and with some practice maybe you could be helping to drive the development too!

What if I’m new to robotics?

If you’re just starting and the wide array of different parts is a bit overwhelming that’s ok too. We have some kits which are perfect for beginners and just need the final few touches as well as some code to control them. Alternatively, you can contact us and we will help you find the parts you need.

Zumo Robot for Arduino v1.2 Assembled

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